Interchange – Winter 2009

Our Meeting has been searching, stretching and transitioning.
We took a several month journey with Chloe (formerly Stephen) Schwenke and Christine Lucas as Chloe’s transition from male to female was brought to our Meeting. Support was provided for the family (they have two young children) and education provided for the Meeting, including a Second Hour on transgenderissues and an amazing performance by Peterson Toscano “Transfigurations: Transgressing Gender in the Bible.” Continue reading

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Spiritual State of the Meeting – 2007

Worship continues to be the anchor for most members and attenders of Adelphi, and during this year many say they have experienced a deep spirit of worship. Both the vocal ministry and the silence have been described as rich and spiritually rewarding. We still need to work on providing space between messages for absorbing and deepening the experience, although this was less of a problem than in previous years. Continue reading

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Interchange – Spring 2008

Adelphi is currently involved in an exciting long range planning process to envision and plan for the future of our Meeting. The process began over a year ago during our 50th anniversary weekend retreat and celebration. At this point we are developing the five themes that came forth, and are holding a series of second hours to thresh theme-related “provocative proposals” compiled and put forward by the Long Range Planning Ad Hoc Committee. After that process, “dream teams” will be formed to further develop and refine ideas that emerge from the threshing sessions. While we do this, committees have been asked to suspend some normal activity and spend a substantial amount of time discussing the future as it pertains to that particular committee.

Other activities of the Meeting have included a winter Local Foods potluck that challenged us to bring seasonally appropriate food, and Meeting middle schoolers learning about and visiting different religious traditions

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