Interchange – Winter 2009

Our Meeting has been searching, stretching and transitioning.
We took a several month journey with Chloe (formerly Stephen) Schwenke and Christine Lucas as Chloe’s transition from male to female was brought to our Meeting. Support was provided for the family (they have two young children) and education provided for the Meeting, including a Second Hour on transgenderissues and an amazing performance by Peterson Toscano “Transfigurations: Transgressing Gender in the Bible.”

We have also been continuing our Meeting-wide process of long-range planning by having Dream Teams in five major topic areas. January 31 will be a retreat where Dream Teams will report their top dreams and we will seek unity on future directions of our Meeting. Peace and Social Concerns has been sponsoring a monthly program,“Preparation for Meeting for Worship,” in which once a month an individual from our Meeting shares his or her spiritual journey in the half-hour before Meeting for Worship. We have deepened our understanding and appreciation of each other as we have done this.

We have also been experimenting with snacks after every Meeting for Worship as a way to increase fellowship in our fairly large Meeting. There has been a very positive response to this and we hope to continue it. We have also started to offer monthly electronic debit of donations
to the Meeting. We hope this will not only simplify the donation process but increase the predictability of monthly income.

The trauma of war affects more than just the soldiers coming home from the Middle East. Alaine Duncan from our Meeting has been recognized for her work in founding Crossings Healingworks, a non-profit group that provides soldiers, their family members and others who care for them with stress reduction in the form of acupuncture and massage. The group offers reduced and sliding scale fees to soldiers and their partners, parents and children. More information is available at (Donations or other support appreciated in this effort to help bring peace to war.)

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